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Explore Champagne’s largest network

of underground wine cellars.

Discover the secrets behind an iconic Champagne and a symbol of French luxury.

Discover an
exceptional terroir

At the heart of the Moët & Chandon Maison lies a unique experience, a moment suspended in time.

Explore the 28-kilometre maze of underground tunnels that form the Moët & Chandon cellars and discover how we make our champagnes – a secret process passed down over the years from one Cellar Master to the next.

More than three centuries of heritage, passion and savoir-faire lie beneath your feet as you walk along the cobbles of Avenue de Champagne.

Descend to the very heart
of the largest cellars in Champagne

Situated 10 to 30 metres underground in chalky soil, the Moët & Chandon cellars are the largest in the Champagne region. With a temperature ranging from 10 to 12°C, they are the perfect place for storing the bottles that are currently maturing there.

Are you ready to uncover our secrets?

10 to 30 m
28 km
10 to 12°C
Finish with a tasting session
guided by our sommeliers

Brush up on your wine-tasting skills and knowledge of our champagnes thanks to our sommeliers’ explanations.

Finish your unique experience of our Maison in one of our specially provided tasting areas.

  • MOËT GRAND VINTAGE BLANC & ROSÉ (current vintage)
  • MOËT ICE IMPÉRIAL BLANC & ROSÉ (summer only)
Your Moët & Chandon experience
Book your tour
First steps into the world of Grand Vintage

Our Maison Ambassador will reveal to you the elaboration of Moët Imperial champagne, the flagship of the Maison, as well as of that of our ‘’Grand Vintage’’ Cuvées. The explanation will be illustrated by a comparative tasting of those two, including our current vintage.​

Cellar tour and tasting of 2 glasses – Moët Imperial and Moët Vintage champagnes.

  • Tour: 1 hr 30 min
  • Number of people per group: 15
Tasting (current vintage)
Adult 60€
Youth (10 to 17 years old) 13€
Child (under 10 years old) Free
Instant Imperial.png Instant Imperial.png
An initiation into the Moët & Chandon style
The imperial moment

Dare to step into the biggest Champagne cellar in company of our Maison Ambassador and discover 2 facets of Moët & Chandon style – white and rosé.

Cellar tour and tasting of 2 glasses – Moët Imperial and Rosé Imperial champagnes.

  • Tour: 1 hr 30 min
  • Number of people per group: 19
Adult 40€
Youth (10 to 17 years old) 13€
Child (under 10 years old) Free
Grand Vintage.png Grand Vintage.png
A spellbinding immersion into our Vintages
Grand vintage

For the tasting of the Maison ‘’Grand Vintage’’ champagnes as an interpretation of one exceptional year, you will be escorted into a private tasting lounge.

Cellar tour and tasting of 2 glasses – Grand Vintages Blanc and Rosé champagnes.

  • Tour: 1 hr 30 min
  • Number of people per group: 10
Tasting (current vintage)
Adult 80€
Youth (10 to 17 years old) 13€
Child (under 10 years old) Free
haute oenologie haute oenologie haute oenologie haute oenologie
Tasting Workshop
Haute Œnologie

Peek behind the scenes and behold the creative universe that brings you the new cuvée of Haute Œnologie « Collection Impériale ».

Be among the first to discover this champagne through a invigorating multi-sensorial experience accompanied by a cellar tour.

  • Tour: 2 hr 00 min
  • Number of people per group: 6
  • Moët Impérial Champagne
  • Grand Vintage Blanc matured in a Magnum bottle
  • Collection Impériale création N°1
Adult 200€
moet collection moet collection MOET COLLECTION.png MOET COLLECTION.png
When time stands still
Moët Collection

Destined to grand wine lovers, this tour will make you travel in time through our vintages. The tasting comprises a glass of our current "Grand Vintage" champagne and a glass of an older vintage with more than 14 years of maturation.

Content: Cellar tour and tasting of our Moët Grand Vintage and Grand Vintage Collection champagnes.​

  • Tour: 2 hr 00 min
  • Number of people per group: 6
Tasting (current vintage)
Adult 180€
richesse naturelle visite richesse naturelle visite richesse naturelle visite richesse naturelle visite
Discover our champagne vineyards
Terroir Treasures

An experience based on our wine-growing and historical heritage : discover the vineyards of the private Fort Chabrol site with a visit to our cellars and a tasting of our vintage champagnes: Grand Vintage Blanc and Grand Vintage Rosé.

  • Tour: 2 hr 30 min
  • Number of people per group: 6
Tasting (current vintage)
Adult 200€
Teenager (10-17 years old) 50€
Practical information
Pre-booked tours led by our guides followed by a guided tasting. The tour of the cellars is by foot.
Just 1 hour 30 min. from Paris!

Moët & Chandon
20 avenue de Champagne, 51200 Epernay, France

By car: 1 hour 30 min. from the Paris Périphérique ringroad via the A4 motorway

By train: 1 hour 20 min. from Paris Gare de l'Est to Epernay station Moët & Chandon is a five-minute walk from the station.

Tour times


The cellars are cold, so please bring warm clothing.

The cellars have a lift and a special entrance for wheelchair users

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By email visites@moet.fr
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Please email us at: visites@moet.fr
Booking service
Via our booking service only: visites@moet.fr

What is the difference between the various tour packages?

All the tours take exactly the same route through the cellars. The only difference is in the tasting sessions offered at the end of each guided tour.

Do you offer tours without tasting sessions?

No, all our tours include tasting sessions.

Can we come for a tasting session without taking a tour?

Yes, we began allowing visitors to come and taste our champagnes in 2020.

Are bookings mandatory?

As places are limited and tours led by a professional guide, we recommend you book your visit online at: www.moet.com.

Can children come on a tour?

Our tours are for everyone and we offer free admission for children under 10 and a reduced price (without the tasting session) for teenagers aged 10 to 17.

Does the tour include a visit to the cellars?

We visit part of the 28 km of cellars, where maturing bottles intended for production are visible.

Do you organise any tours of the Moët & Chandon vineyard and production buildings?

The Maison’s vineyard extends throughout the entire Champagne region, and no plots are immediately adjacent to the visitor’s centre. Our production buildings are not open to the public.

Can we go to the shop even if we haven’t been on a tour of the cellars?

Of course! The shop is open to everyone.

Are pets allowed on-site?

We have an obligation to meet the standards associated with our food safety certifications and, as such, no pets are allowed on our premises.

Can visitors buy something to eat on-site?

We do not have any catering facilities - we only offer champagne tasting sessions.

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« Sobald Monsieur Moët einen Raum betritt, ist alle Langeweile verflogen, ähnlich wie bei seinem Champagner. »
Zitat über Jean-Remy Moët