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Moët & Chandon nueva botella de edición limitada

Signature Rosé Impérial

Un homenaje a la herencia de generosidad y savoir-fête de la Maison con un diseño artístico contemporáneo.

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The design of the Signature Rosé Impérial bottle has been created to enhance the contrast between the dark brilliance of the Pinot Noir grapes and the rose-gold brush mark revealing a new label.

The Signature limited-edition bottle is definitely a tribute to the glamorous and extroverted character of Rosé Impérial contained in the bottle.

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Signature Rosé Impérial the perfect accompaniment to your culinary experience

Multi-faceted and intriguing, rosé champagnes perfectly complement a wide range of dishes.

According to Moët & Chandon's chef, Marco Fadiga, Rosé Impérial pairs remarkably well with beef carpaccio with olive oil and ground pepper, fried mullet filets in a coriander emulsion, a lobster bisque, mussels and a chorizo broth, or in a lemongrass curry.

A longstanding tradition of

It all begins in 1801, the landmark year when Napoléon Bonaparte and his mother placed an order for 100 bottles of "rozé" with Jean-Remy Moët, grandson of the House's founder. That same know-how produced the House's oldest existing bottle of rosé champagne that dates back to 1878, a powerful symbol of Moët & Chandon's unrivaled rosé heritage.

Pinot Noir grapes make up 45% of the assemblage of the wine varieties blended to create the House's intensely aromatic Rosé Impérial.

The universe Signature Rosé Impérial #MoetRose


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« Como ocurre con su champagne, cuando el señor Moët entra en una habitación desaparece el aburrimiento. »
Frase atribuida a un coetáneo de Jean-Remy Moët