Moët & Chandon
Nov, 2017


As the world’s leading champagne, Moët & Chandon has been an influential figure in creating ground-breaking celebratory gestures that have become popular and widely established all over the world.


From the chic Mini Moët (20 cl) to the larger-than-life Nabuchodonosor (1500 cl), its dazzling range of formats offers an incredible choice to suit every type of celebration moments from the smaller to the most exciting ones. Very popular at wedding receptions, glamorous occasions like film festivals or sport podium moments, Moët & Chandon big formats perfectly embody the generosity and the sense of hospitality of the House sharing the magic of its champagne with the world.


When striking a line-up pose, the impressive bottles collection will steal the spotlight on shelf and will impress any of your guests!


Moët & Chandon’ savoir-fête embodies this pioneering spirit in the art of celebration and legendary sense of entertainment. It expresses more than 270 years of expertise in turning an experience into a #moetmoment: the instant where you live with enthusiasm and make the most of life.




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