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tasting notes


First third: metal (37.5% of the blend) Fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks Selection of still wines from 2003 for their maturity and sunny character (50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir) Second third: wood (37.5% of the blend) Aged for 6 months in oak barrels Selection of 3 Grand Vintage blends: 2002 for richness, 2000 for liveliness, 1998 for elegance. Final third: glass (25% of the blend) Matured in bottles of 3 Grand Vintage Collection 1999 champagnes for richness, 1998 for elegance and 1993 for liveliness.


Deep, bright gold adorned with amber glints.


It gradually reveals a complex perfume whose aromas arrive one after the other in an enchanting saraband. First there are ripe, warm and dark notes of coffee, malt, mocha, praline, licorice, Tonka bean, pecan nuts, ripe wheat and pastries. The intense and deep fruitiness of the wine then takes over, with nuances of citrus peel, citron, kumquat, bergamot and verbena. The final note has mineral accents that evoke flint and the scents of sea air, as well as toasted notes.


The maturity and depth of the wine are evident at first glance with its lively and exuberant character, a sensation of silky opulence. This wine is both delicate and robust, dense and supple, elegant and imposing. Its power is under control, gradually revealed, guided by the structure of the champagne. Its fruity character is expressed in notes of candied citrus, stone fruit (plums and nectarines), dried fig and date, and lingers through warm and spicy tones (vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg). The wine’s apogee is a precise and mineral finish, capped with a slightly salty and refreshing taste.


5 g/liter


15 years


At least 6 months


The world of metal, with powerful fruit flavours evokes the yellow and orange hues of citrus fruit, the gleam of red berries, the fresh green of cilantro and dill, the whiteness of a sliver of flint.

The world of wood, with its captivating palate suggests dark and coppery oranges, the terracotta and ocher of sweet spices, the Havana shade of old leather, the dark glow of a candied chestnut. The world of glass, with eminent maturity sparks the imagery of brown fire-roasted chestnuts, the glossy black of dark chocolate, the black and brown colour of roasted coffee, a reflection of pure gold on black leather.


With its lively character and full body, this champagne requires weighty textures, reminiscent of raw ceramic, golden mat, or the deep and radiant glow of candied fruit or the firm and shiny density of a candied chestnut.


This is a perfect champagne to serve with dinner, it offers candied aromas and complex flavours, and will pair beautifully with dishes that have been cooked slowly.

Explore the hidden side of Mediterranean cuisine, like a ratatouille without red peppers but with pine nuts and dried apricots.

Play around with the contrast between very ripe fruit and controlled vegetal content.

Bring dishes from the past (Gascon garbure, kig ha farz, stews, etc.) into the modern present with a more luminous character, but not forgetting the richness of the origins.

Cook fish gently in foaming butter, basting all the while.

Cook at low temperatures (olive oil bath at 60°C).

Try out complementary contrasts. For example, grilled bacon and langoustine with a spicy fruit sauce.


Its long maturation time on lees gives this champagne wonderful range, outstanding maturity, a complex palate livened up with gorgeous vitality.

The imagination associates it with noble textures such as ancient oak, weathered like the stone steps of a Renaissance castle, infinitely polished, like the wood of a double bass.

A secondary contrasting element appears; a crunchy element like a sliver of black truffle, a hint of crispiness like fine spicy caramel a foie gras crème brûlée.

Ingredients matrix

pourquoi ?
Mâche non excessive
Jutosité délicate et élégante
Œufs de poisson (pour le craquant
et la salinité iodée)
Quel ingrédient ?
Poissons à chair blanche
(daurade, bar, turbot, St. Pierre, Sole)
Œufs de poisson
Comment ?
Poissons à chair blanche
(daurade, bar, turbot, St. Pierre, Sole)
Œufs de poisson
Rôti sans excès de coloration
Poché et servis avec une mayonnaise
vis avec une mayonnaise


Fillet of sole browned in butter with braised fennel and smoked sauce

Powerful yet balanced

Black truffle risotto

Vegetarian food

« Much like his champagne, as soon as Monsieur Moët enters the rooms boredom disappears. »
Attributed to a contemporary of Jean-Remy Moët