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Ice Impérial Rosé

Ice Impérial Rosé

tasting notes


Pinot Noir dominates Ice Impérial Rosé champagne too, with 45 to 55% of the blend, including 10% red wine. It contributes its fruity intensity and vinous character to the champagne. Meunier brings roundness and complexity (35 to 45%) and contributes colour (10% red wine). On the finish, the 5 to 10% of Chardonnay in the blend contributes freshness.

A sparkling appearance

Its colour is a deep pink adorned with golden glints.

A nose with vibrant fruitiness

Morello cherry, cranberry: red berries start proceedings, before being joined by nuances of juicy summer fruit like fig and nectarine. A note of grenadine syrup punctuates the gourmand aromas.

A luscious palate, combining softness and firmness

With their pronounced aromas right from the start, the sweetness of the red berries melts into the ensemble and becomes lighter, giving way to a sensation of balance between fruit and freshness. The fresh finish releases a delicately bitter note of pink grapefruit.


38 g/liter - Champagne Demi-Sec

Cellaring time

18 months

Aging after disgorgement

At least 3 months


On the palate, this champagne calls red notes to mind. The brilliant red of redcurrant and raspberry jellies, but also the deep tones of blueberries, figs, and blackberries. Then comes the copper-orange hue of a grapefruit slice. Its counterpart is green. The intense, fresh and honest green of mint, like the deep green of scrubland, thyme, borage.


A surprise is in store, a culture shock. Echoing the clink of ice cubes in a champagne glass. The geometric cuts of fruit and vegetable tartares collide with the imperial bubbles. The wild flesh of raw or marinated fish brings sea breezes to the ice cubes. The contrast between crunchy and juicy, between smooth textures and seeds of spice, piques the personality of this rosé champagne.


The ingredients and the champagne each assert their own character, they come face to face, they answer each other, understand each other.

Surprising bites, rather than elaborate dishes.

A chic picnic attitude that becomes an experience.

Perfectly ripe, raw fruits, cut to provide texture.

An element that provides a touch of sweetness.

Cooking without heat (marinades, ceviche).

Exotic seasonings (coconut milk and lime).

Fruit gelatin-based preparations with a hint of sass.

The ethereal sensation of crispy fried dishes with no greasy effect: kadaïf, Korean breadcrumbs, light tempura.

Sushi from fruit

Fresh cheeses: feta, mozzarella, burrata, fresh goat cheese rolled in fruit.


Salt to contrast with a sweet taste in the mouth.


Overripe fruit. Compotes. Roasted meats. Excess fat. Pronounced or overly conventional cooking techniques.

Heavy, greasy frying.

Excessive tastes of the sea or acidity.

Ingredients matrix

pourquoi ?
Mâche non excessive
Jutosité délicate et élégante
Œufs de poisson (pour le craquant
et la salinité iodée)
Quel ingrédient ?
Poissons à chair blanche
(daurade, bar, turbot, St. Pierre, Sole)
Œufs de poisson
Comment ?
Poissons à chair blanche
(daurade, bar, turbot, St. Pierre, Sole)
Œufs de poisson
Rôti sans excès de coloration
Poché et servis avec une mayonnaise
vis avec une mayonnaise


Chinese fried duck confit with watermelon and cilantro salad, Maldon salt


Wagyu with blueberry and peach


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« Much like his champagne, as soon as Monsieur Moët enters the rooms boredom disappears. »
Attributed to a contemporary of Jean-Remy Moët