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Rosé Impérial

Rosé Impérial

tasting notes


The intensity of the Pinot Noir dominates, contributing almost half of the blend. Meunier brings roundness, while Chardonnay brings its generous elegance to the two other grape varieties. Depending on the year, 20 to 30% of reserve wines complete the intensity, subtlety and consistency of Moët Impérial Rosé champagne.


Bright pink adorned with amber glints.


The lively and intense bouquet is full of red fruits: wild strawberry, raspberry, cherry, etc. Then, a scattering of rose petals inspire floral nuances, underscored with a slight hint of pepper.

An expressive, intense and supple palate

Strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant: the juicy and persistent intensity of the red berries explodes onto the palate, joined by the fleshy, then firm peach aromas. The finish is structured by the freshness of a subtle peppery and minty note.


7 g/liter - Champagne Brut

Cellaring time

21 months

Aging after disgorgement

3 months


Moët Impérial Rosé champagne calls to mind: a plethora of red, pink and amber tones, a brightly-coloured candy apple, a green bouquet of mint leaves, dill, basil and verbena, the fleeting vision of a black pepper grain.


The quest for soft textures underscored by a slight bitterness. The elegant softness of turbot. The mouthwatering sensation of a tangy red berry.


The most important thing is to strike the right balance of intensity, harmony, softness and elegance.

Raw or lightly grilled red meat.

Colourful summer vegetables such as ratatouille, squash, black olives.

Rock fish, shellfish bisque.

A hint of acidity from balsamic vinegar.

Fresh green herbs.

A garnish of fresh, tangy red berries.

A touch of bitterness.



A powerful and dominant taste of the sea. Violent, biting acidity: capers, pickles, lemon...

Very hot or heavily cooked spices that develop bitterness. The majority of green vegetables, parsley or salad dressing, green olives.

Sugar, honey, dominant candied fruit.

Milk, cream.

Ingredients matrix

pourquoi ?
Mâche non excessive
Jutosité délicate et élégante
Œufs de poisson (pour le craquant
et la salinité iodée)
Quel ingrédient ?
Poissons à chair blanche
(daurade, bar, turbot, St. Pierre, Sole)
Œufs de poisson
Comment ?
Poissons à chair blanche
(daurade, bar, turbot, St. Pierre, Sole)
Œufs de poisson
Rôti sans excès de coloration
Poché et servis avec une mayonnaise
vis avec une mayonnaise


Red mullet with Modena balsamic vinegar and mint

Brings out the best in Pinot Noir

Pea ravioli, mussel curry and lemongrass espuma

The sweetness of peas

Black tomato tatin

Vegetarian food

Tuna tartare with black olives, marjoram and pistachio


Beef tartare with lump’s roe, coarse salt and olive oil


Cherry tomatoes roasted with mint


Oyster and raspberry


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« Much like his champagne, as soon as Monsieur Moët enters the room boredom disappears. »
Attributed to a contemporary of Jean-Remy Moët