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The art of winemaking at

Moët & Chandon

From the vineyard to the bottle A story in 7 chapters

Chapter 2 : Grape Varieties

Three main grape varieties are used in the elaboration of all of our champagnes: the Pinot Noir, the Meunier and the Chardonnay. Benoît Gouez explains their characteristics.

Chapter 3 : Harvest

The harvest mobilizes an entire region to reap the benefits of a year's work. Moët & Chandon teams tell this magical moment.

Chapter 4 : Blending

The art of blending requires the selection and harmonizing of wines from different areas and grape varieties, and even from different years, to create a wine that perfectly expresses the Moët & Chandon style. Listen to Benoît Gouez, Marie Christine Osselin and Amine Ghanem talk about this remarkable oenological savoir-faire.

Chapter 5 : Maturation

Deep inside the cellars, the bottles embark on a long period of maturation. Discover this key step.

Chapter 6 : Riddling

After the maturation period, the bottles are riddled to be prepared for the disgorgement. Discover this unique gesture.

Chapter 7 : Disgorgement

After the maturation period and the riddling, the bottle is disgorged to be clarified. Dosage is added to the wine and the final cork seals the bottle. Discover this ultimate step in the champagne elaboration.

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« Much like his champagne, as soon as Monsieur Moët enters the rooms boredom disappears. »
Attributed to a contemporary of Jean-Remy Moët