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It was via Marquise de Pompadour—an influential personality during her time—that Moët & Chandon became the wine favored by European royal courts.

To evoke this emblematic figure from XVIIIth century France, Baqué Molinié creates a fan whose blades are fashioned like vineyard rows in the wind, revealing the grapes, leaves and tendrils within them.


A hymn to nature’s elements

As a versatile expression of style, the fan with Atelier Baqué Molinié becomes a hymn to nature’s elements. They create the fan’s blades as rows of elaborately worked vines billowing in the wind, expanding as if in perspective, and flourishing into grapes, leaves and even stars—against the backdrop of the blue sky made of lightly beaded tulle.


1,900 Hours of Work

A "Pompadour" style fan composed of nine ornamental branches made from hand-painted leather enhanced with silk thread, pearl cannetilles, beads, and glass elements. Vine leaves and grape clusters in medallions. Sky-blue background décor of silk tulle embroidered in a gradation of caviar beading, crystal-mounted roses, and gold pearls.

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« Much like his champagne, as soon as Monsieur Moët enters the rooms boredom disappears. »
Attributed to a contemporary of Jean-Remy Moët