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Grand Vintage 2013

Grand Vintage 2013

tasting notes


41% Chardonnay, 38% Pinot Noir, 21% Meunier

A slightly golden colour

Light golden yellow colour with fine, persistent bubbles

Autumnal bouquet

The wine’s maturity is immediately apparent, with autumnal notes of roasted chestnuts, toasted buckwheat, rich nuts, honey and nougat. White fruit is then revealed, reminiscent of a mealy apple or a beautifully ripe pear. Scents of iodine, dried flowers and pine sap complete the aromatic bouquet.

Lively, well-defined palate

The palate is direct and energetic, supported by lively yet delicate acidity, and a finely polished structure, enveloped by a refined, grainy texture. The wine finishes with a pleasant hint of white grapefruit bitterness.


5 g/litre


At least 5 years


At least 6 months


Toasted notes of brown butter, roasted chestnuts. Fresh yellow, slightly golden hues of sabayon, grapefruit segments. Iodized hues of sea urchin, oyster.


The structure is well-defined, like a citrus fruit segment, whose cells gently burst with freshness. The lively effervescence creates a fine granular sensation like the delicate ridges of shellfish. Lightness calls for soft substance.


Use cooking methods that retain soft textures and juiciness

Opt for fresh and light bitterness

Incorporate a salty, buttery element

Temper saltiness

Opt for toasted flavors


Use excessive acidity

Choose pungent or very bitter greens

Make dishes overly spicy

Serve with exceedingly sweet recipes

Use any method that will dry out food. For example, if cooking on the grill, consider papillotes.

Ingredients matrix

pourquoi ?
Mâche non excessive
Jutosité délicate et élégante
Œufs de poisson (pour le craquant
et la salinité iodée)
Quel ingrédient ?
Poissons à chair blanche
(daurade, bar, turbot, St. Pierre, Sole)
Œufs de poisson
Comment ?
Poissons à chair blanche
(daurade, bar, turbot, St. Pierre, Sole)
Œufs de poisson
Rôti sans excès de coloration
Poché et servis avec une mayonnaise
vis avec une mayonnaise


Roasted scallops with buckwheat blinis and lemon jelly

John Dory, Colonnata foam and bruschetta

Veal chop, dog cockle jus and preserved lemon

Suckling pig leg prepared Kig Ha farz style, leek foam

“On the road to Beirut” stuffed aubergine

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