Moët & Chandon
Nov Tue, 2013


As always, Moët & Chandon is lighting up the holidays with a new and very luxurious twist on stylish year-end celebrations. The world’s most loved champagne is releasing a special limited-edition Jeroboam Golden Dust, a majestic, large-format bottle of the House’s iconic Moët Imperial shimmering with an exquisite golden finish. The lustrous golden design was inspired by the noble dust that gathers on the bottles as they mature in the House’s venerable cellars, the gentle aging period during which this fine wine undergoes its magical transformation to form its delicate bubbles and captivating effervescence.


A Golden Opportunity to Win a Tour of the Moët & Chandon Cellars


Chic, elegant and radiantly luxurious, the Jeroboam Golden Dust embodies Moët & Chandon’s global reputation for glamour—the perfect touch to heighten the excitement and add radiant sparkle to holiday celebrations. And while celebrating, Moët aficionados can make the festivities even more dazzling with our Toast Moët photo competition. Whether enjoying success moments, friendship or family moments, they can take photos of their magical Moët moments and upload their favourites for the opportunity to win a two-day tour of Moët & Chandon’s renowned cellars in France’s champagne country! Participants simply upload their photos to the House’s Instagram account or Facebook page for a chance to win. As well, selected photos will be also featured on the Moët & Chandon Christmas calendar.


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A truly golden opportunity, stay tuned!

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