Moët & Chandon
Aug Wed, 2013

270 Years of Savoir-Faire

“Sharing the magic of champagne with the world” was Jean-Remy Moët’s lifelong goal. In service of that mission, the man who introduced champagne to the tastemakers of Europe tirelessly studied the science of wine production as well.  A connoisseur of luxury, the founder’s grandson well knew that the magic of champagne relies on savoir-faire, an in-depth knowledge of winemaking, of both age-old techniques and the latest innovations. 

Since 1743 such savoir-faire has guided the House in creating the world’s most loved champagnes, from Moët Impérial to Moët Rosé Impérial to the Grand Vintages that the House releases in exceptional years. The House’s collection now includes 70 vintages from across the centuries—one of the world’s largest and most prestigious collections of vintage champagnes.

For over a quarter of a millennium, the House has perpetually refined a sophisticated science from grape to glass, ensuring that the world’s most successful champagne is new and exciting for each generation.

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